Our Search Engine Marketing Services

Yotta BI & Technology Search Engine Marketing

We specialize in Search Engine Digital Marketing for local, US domestic, Canadian, European and Chinese markets.

We research, plan, execute and deliver values in a measurable way. Our Search Engine Marketing Plan comes from our comprehensive analysis of your industry. Before we start to execute our plan for you, we show you where you and your business stand in the competitive world and where the gaps. We measure and report the results back on a monthly basis.

Our Expertise

We had been there building Bing Campaign Management and Search Engine Marketing Platforms. Products and features of the work allow advertisers to manage campaigns, optimize digital advertising budgets, bid keywords and impressions and track performance and ROI. Advertisers rely on these products to grow their business and revenues online.

The founder of Yotta BI & Technology worked many years in Microsoft Bing Online Advertising Division to drive both incubation and full scale development life cycle of a variety of key Search Engine Marketing projects and solutions since 2006. His projects include Campaign Management, Geo Targeting (Country/State/Metro/City Reverse IP based targeting), Ad Human Relevance System (adHRS, V1 and beyond), Location Based Advertising (Point+Radius Targeting, V1 and beyond) for Local Businesses/Chain Businesses/Franchise Businesses, Quality Score (original feature name Advertiser Feedback, V1 and beyond), Advertiser Self-Serve and Troubleshooting Tools (e.g. Keyword Research Tool, Ad Preview Tool, Creative Asset Management Tool), Negative Keyword Expansion (from 1024 characters to 10K keywords) and Migration for Bing & Yahoo Search Alliance, Audience Intelligence Campaign Management Integration. He holds US patent for Location Based Advertising that enabled Geo Index and thus latitude and longitude based Radius Targeting for Microsoft adCenter.

New Approach to Online Advertising

We focus on forward thinking online marketing solutions, technology, in-depth analysis, execution and growth. We are passionate, committed and result driven. Our services include:

- Informational User Experience

- ROI optimized PPC/CPC Performance

- ROI optimized eCPM/PPV Performance.

- Search Engine and Social Media Campaign

- Target Optimization

- Text, Display, Hybrid Digital Advertising Campaigns

- PPC/CPM with Search, Contextual and Hybrid Networks

- Keyword Research and Audience Intelligence Study

- Campaign Performance and Conversion Tracking and Reporting