About Us

Yotta BI & Technology was founded in 2011 with a simple mission: to empower and help small and medium companies to navigate through and leverage the fast paced Internet platforms and technologies to grow their businesses.

Businesses from various industries are usually experts in their own fields but not necessarily see the vast opportunities and competitive factors brought in by the revolutionary digital forces. With this in mind, we have been developing practical software applications, researching digital marketing technologies and crafting Internet Marketing strategies to help them advance their businesses from anywhere with any digital computing devices. Within Yotta BI & Technology, our clients have access to a portfolio of digital marketing resources they need to grow their market share and customer bases.

Our team are a group of internet and digital marketing, and software development professionals passionate about growing our customers' businesses to the new levels of success in the competitive and fast changing world. We offer a comprehensive and integrated range of Internet and Digital marketing, software application development, and technology consulting services.

Yotta BI & Technology has its core values: innovation, integrity and respect for people. No matter where you are, no matter how you do business around the world, Yotta BI &Technology stands for the same level of commitment, excellence and customer delighting results.